Consulting: Planning & Design

Want help in planning, design, and ideas on how to use your land?

Forest Gardening:  soil evaluation: create more diversity in your landscape:

  •      Gardening, planting nutrient dense foods, fruits and herbs, flowers
  •      Creating a integrated system for your land use
  •      Farm consultations:  soil evaluation, cover cropping systems
  •      Crop rotations, greenhouse use and more

40 years in Organic Landscaping, Farming, Gardening

Educator, International Consulting

Organizer of Gardens of Fairview Tour

Contact Jim Smith for more information:

Or call 864 313-5106

About Jim Smith

Jim started landscaping in 1978 and has been gardening since…well in fourth grade.  He opened an organic garden center at the WNC Farmers Market on Brevard Rd in 1985 until 2000.  From there he sold plants, books, tools and organic fertilizers.  It was also place where he imported organic ginger to US from Costa Rica…a project he developed with local farmers there, and ran for 13 years.

Jim is one of the founders of the Organic Growers School and served on board for 8 years.  He was also was a part of CFSA and on their board for two years. Jim planned their conference for three years; a multi state organization working with others to promote Sustainable Agriculture.

Jim farmed for 8 years in upstate SC where he marketed produce at SC State Market in Greenville, SC.  He had two greenhouses and about four acres under crop production.

Jim has consulted with Furman University, worked with NC state and Clemson on various boards and projects.  

His work internationally has taken him to projects in Zambia, Africa, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Cuba Dominica, Jamaica and many years in Costa Rica.

Jim represented North Carolina on a Sustainable Research and Education, USDA project that worked to promote Sustainable Agriculture throughout the Southeast.


Consulting Services


Jim learned many things that expanded his knowledge, and  along with his years of work as a farmer, landscaper, educator, he realized that it would be good to offer services that can enhance your property, be it land, home, farm.

Services include many options:

Use of Woodlands, from tree health to creating more edible options like mushrooms, native fruits and edible plants in and along the edges and identifying what plants, wildflowers, and those opportunistic plants now showing up on our land.  We understand there are some very beneficial reasons these opportunistic plants are showing up. We identify ways, if needed, to control them without chemicals.

Jim can help you plan and use a small scale greenhouse, as well as cold frames for seedlings, and winter production of food.

He can show you how to build your soil, plan and plant your garden  creating nutrient dense food gardens. Also, how to set up an orchard or small fruit areas, as well as adding more wildflowers and herbs. All this using only organic and natural processes.

He will show you how you can use water on your property by containing all that comes off slopes, buildings, sheds, etc: and from this, use it to water your plantings.

Learn to compost your food and plant waste  in ways suitable to your land. Composting is a way to build your soils, feed your plants and save on buying outside amendments,

All methods are to create a wholeness, a system for using your land and the resources you have available. The goal is to create a healthy place for you to live and provide you with beauty, food, and forest.

Jim can also help with aspects of organic farming; from soil evaluation and fertility issues to use of cover crops systems, to greenhouse use and more.

If you have more questions, or want more information please contact Jim @ 864 313-5106

Consulting Fees

Consulting service is on fee bases, with first priority being an evaluation of your site.  Once that is done, all parties can plan for what directions you may want to move forward.

Fees are $225 minimum for up to first two hours , and $75/hr afterwards. If travel to your property is over 15 miles both ways there will be an additional fee of $.55 a mile from time I leave my office…that is not included in the two hour fee. Longer term projects are negotiable. Most evaluations can be accomplished in two hours (depending on size of property, etc).  Once property and scope of the plan is determined, you will receive a write up following visit with ideas and connections as needed.

Ten (10%) of fees will go to Gardens of Fairview Tour for next year’s Tour.  Another 10% will go to Food For Fairview, a non-profit serving local residents food needs.

All About Bees

Bees are under stress, and are a very important/essential for pollination of the foods and fruits we eat.  It is important to recognize the importance of ALL of our pollinators and help in every way we can to keep them around and healthy! They all have important roles, bumblebees and some native bees are better adapted to release the pollen in blueberry blooms using a vibration behavior known as “buzz pollination.”

Take a second to think of what honeybees pollinate, fruits, vegetables, the herbs we use to season our foods, nuts, berries, cotton for clothing, clover and alfalfa which is the main feed for the cattle industry from which we get yogurt, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, dairy and beef. Also coffee beans depend on pollination for increased yields, think of star bucks and your morning coffee. There are flowers for our holidays, beeswax which is used in the cosmetic industry, and lets not forget honey!

Be proactive! Start your own hive.

Support a local community nonprofit that is dedicated to making positive change happen.

Plant a pollinator friendly garden patch of any size.  Switch from pesticides to organic alternatives. You can look up some simple alternatives online such as vinegar and water to use as a weed killer if necessary.

Provide a water source such as a shallow bird bath with rocks in it.

If you see a swarm or have a colony of bees which has taken up residence in an unwanted area contact us or a local beekeeper for removal.