All About Bees

Bees are under stress, and are a very important/essential for pollination of the foods and fruits we eat.  It is important to recognize the importance of ALL of our pollinators and help in every way we can to keep them around and healthy! They all have important roles, bumblebees and some native bees are better adapted to release the pollen in blueberry blooms using a vibration behavior known as “buzz pollination.”

Take a second to think of what honeybees pollinate, fruits, vegetables, the herbs we use to season our foods, nuts, berries, cotton for clothing, clover and alfalfa which is the main feed for the cattle industry from which we get yogurt, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, dairy and beef. Also coffee beans depend on pollination for increased yields, think of star bucks and your morning coffee. There are flowers for our holidays, beeswax which is used in the cosmetic industry, and lets not forget honey!

Be proactive! Start your own hive.

Support a local community nonprofit that is dedicated to making positive change happen.

Plant a pollinator friendly garden patch of any size.  Switch from pesticides to organic alternatives. You can look up some simple alternatives online such as vinegar and water to use as a weed killer if necessary.

Provide a water source such as a shallow bird bath with rocks in it.

If you see a swarm or have a colony of bees which has taken up residence in an unwanted area contact us or a local beekeeper for removal.