Garden Tours & Ticket Information

The main purpose of Gardens of Fairview Tour is to expose visitors to gardening potential. Tour and Ticket information below.

The idea is to inspire others to grow a garden, create more community, and support for growing fresh food to share with others.

We in Fairview (other areas as well), continue to have food shortages and people without enough food, especially fresh food. The Gardens of Fairview Tours were set up to showcase gardening in our area. This is a way for us to share ideas, see examples, learn new ideas so that we can expand gardening in our area, and hopefully stimulate more food productions (adding herbs, flowers, mushrooms, fruits to the mix too).

We need to find more ways to solve lack of food issues. We need more long term methods to stop a growing need that affirms our connections to the land.

Join the Tour, share with others, seek those in need and help them garden, or join the Spring Mountain Community Garden on Old Fort Rd. or just come be nourished by the efforts of these folks sharing their time and work with each of us.

~Jim Smith, Founder, Gardens of Fairview Tours


Now in it’s third year, the tour keeps evolving.  In addition to showcasing the potential and beauty of our diverse community gardens and inspiring others to see more opportunities for their land and homes, Jim hopes to focus on new things, such as:

HOMESTEADING. This is a setup that provides more diversity in foods.  Some people even make a business out of it by raising chickens and other animals, growing herbs & flowers, or selling small fruits.

WATER. Can we conserve more and keep our springs and creeks clean? Jim is interested in hearing from anyone catching rainwater or doing other such activities.

HOW WE FEED OURSELVES. With beauty, sharing, and increased fruit and food production.

HOW WE FEED OTHERS. This includes any way we can help the work of The Lord’s Acre and Food for Fairview. Jim also will show off the Spring Mountain Community Center’s new land along Cane Creek.

Lastly, says Jim, “I want to give back more of the funds raised.  Gardens of Fairview is a for-profit venture, but it barely pays expenses. This year I hope to share more with community and support those ideas that keep us moving forward in expanding and in appreciation for the gardens of Fairview”.

If you would like to join this year’s tour, let Jim know by the end of the month.  He will come see your place and talk over ideas and potentials. Get in touch with him at 864 313-5106.



Tickets Available at these locations in Fairview: For tickets buy directly in Fairview at
The Garden Spot
Trout Lily Market
The Hub of Fairview
Hickory Nut Gap Farm
Troyer Amish Store
Turgua Farmstead Brewery
Farmer Greg’s Produce


Many years I farmed in South Carolina…before that I was a landscaper in Asheville. But some changes came to me during my two tours as promoter of Gardens of Fairview Tour.  I had always used terms, like sustainable, integrated, systems approach.  After the GOF Tours I began to see deeper meaning in those terms.  Deeper into how a property, home-site, woods, and roads, you (as owner and caretaker) use and interact with each component.  Also, how you decide what to keep, use, leave alone.  Each step in the process can bring you closer to a fully integrated process.

When I started the Tour two years ago…I was looking for food production gardens, wanting to see more  gardening, to creating more to share with others, to have fresh food options.  Each time I visited a place that wanted to be on the tour, l opened up more.  Well, there could be herbs, even flowers, wildflowers, fruit trees, mushrooms, paths, use of rock, water retention. And then this year “art” was added in a stronger way as artist visited and worked on many sites during the Tour.  Several on Tour use this creative part of themselves throughout out their gardens. Art goes on my expanded list.  Then, I added structures: some using recycled materials.  Surely, the list will grow.

All parts of life now works into where you live, how you use your home place; your land.

Next years Tour?  I will be working on how we can expand the understanding of those leading words….sustainable, whole, integrated, systems.  This allows us to go deeper into our natural surrounding, to help find ways to feed those in need and ourselves, fresh, nutrient dense foods and fruits, help save our dying trees, clean water, and on.