Consulting Services


Jim learned many things that expanded his knowledge, and  along with his years of work as a farmer, landscaper, educator, he realized that it would be good to offer services that can enhance your property, be it land, home, farm.

Services include many options:

Use of Woodlands, from tree health to creating more edible options like mushrooms, native fruits and edible plants in and along the edges and identifying what plants, wildflowers, and those opportunistic plants now showing up on our land.  We understand there are some very beneficial reasons these opportunistic plants are showing up. We identify ways, if needed, to control them without chemicals.

Jim can help you plan and use a small scale greenhouse, as well as cold frames for seedlings, and winter production of food.

He can show you how to build your soil, plan and plant your garden  creating nutrient dense food gardens. Also, how to set up an orchard or small fruit areas, as well as adding more wildflowers and herbs. All this using only organic and natural processes.

He will show you how you can use water on your property by containing all that comes off slopes, buildings, sheds, etc: and from this, use it to water your plantings.

Learn to compost your food and plant waste  in ways suitable to your land. Composting is a way to build your soils, feed your plants and save on buying outside amendments,

All methods are to create a wholeness, a system for using your land and the resources you have available. The goal is to create a healthy place for you to live and provide you with beauty, food, and forest.

Jim can also help with aspects of organic farming; from soil evaluation and fertility issues to use of cover crops systems, to greenhouse use and more.

If you have more questions, or want more information please contact Jim @ 864 313-5106