Gardens of Fairview would like to thank the generosity of our sponsors!

To become a sponsor of the Gardens of Fairview please contact jim@gardensoffairview. The community appreciates your support. Thank you!

The Garden Spot  Owners – Shinnah and Cody Black of Fairview, NC. Providing herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruit trees that can help you have more food, provide places for bees/butterflies, and other pollinators. They will also be at the Fairview Farmers Market every Saturday May through October.

The Hub of Fairview is your friendly, local, one-stop shop for: professional design services, copies and printing, locally crafted gifts…and so much more!

Trout Lily Deli & Market has for years had a mission of support for local farmers, selling products made in our area, and supporting the local community. They continue being a major source for healthy foods, networking, and for keeping a small business viable in our area. This year they will be the sponsor for the after Tour gathering on Saturday evening at Turgua Brewery on Garren Creek. Thankful to have them continue to change and expand their services to Fairview and for their support of the Gardens of Fairview Tour.

Organic Growers School is helping us for the second year. The OGS started out as a one weekend a year event…and now it is a year round program…supporting farmers, gardeners, internships and community actions such as Gardens of Fairview. Helping the Tour with a mailing list for the Fairveiw area, other networking, and editing has been a big help. Grateful for all they do in our area and beyond, since the School is now one of the biggest of its kind in the Southeast.

Fairview Farmers Market located at the Fairview Elementary School every Saturday from May through October. Perhaps if you are gardening, you can apply for a spot there to sell or trade your produce, or join with others to set up a booth.

Imladris Farm celebrates the connection Western North Carolina has with its land. Through our relationships with other local farmers, our own orchard practices, and our support of great programs like Gardens of Fairview, we strive to increase awareness of challenges that customers, farmers, and food producers face in feeding our communities.

Troyer’s Country Amish Blatz in on Old Fort Rd. with a deli open on Saturday the 10th of June for Gardens of Fairview Tour. Stop in for lunch and dine on their porch as they are close to many of the sites on tour and see their large selections of foods and fine furniture. While there have a look at the gardens around the house and just over the fence. Soon they will have a place for weddings, and two Airbnbs. Closed on Sunday.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm connects sustainable agriculture practices, family history and customers by sharing the family farm experience and serve as an example of healthy land stewardship.
Very special thanks to the Team making this event happen
To: Debbie Weaver for getting tickets organized for the garden tour and the lay out of the Brochures. These skills were beyond my scope so am grateful we have a way to communicate and get information out.
To: The Editor of the Town Crier, Sandie Rhodes who did a lot of editing, and final organization of the Brochure and got the printing done. Especially thankful to both women for their patience in process of putting this all together.

And of course to all of you taking part in the Tour. Each in offering their place for you to come visit requires a lot of work.  Their efforts go a long way to support the Fairview Community.

To you the Businesses that have in past, are now doing so for this Tour, and I hope will join us in the future, I thank you for you help.  The idea is that businesses support the Community, help get people out to share ideas, and see the possibilities of helping each other.